For the Media

Members of the media:Please call 734-764-2220 between 8 a.m.and 5 p.m.Eastern Time for assistance.

The必威手机版Michigan Medicine Media Teamprovides assistance to 必威手机版news reporters,摄影师,video crews and bloggers who wish to arrange phone interviews or in-person sessions with physicians,scientists,staff,students and patients from any area of 必威手机版Michigan Medicine,including the Medical School and all the facilities and programs of the Hospitals & Health Centers.

We encourage you to 必威 专业体育contact us.Our assistance,whether in arranging a simple phone conversation or an elaborate video,makes the work go much more smoothly for all involved.

We also encourage you tosubscribe to our 必威手机版Newsroom RSS feed,and the daily or weekly feeds from our必威手机版Michigan Health Laband必威手机版Michigan Health Blogsites,to ensure you receive all 必威手机版news we publish in a timely way.The必威手机版newsroom on UofMhealth.orgis our home for institution-level 必威手机版news,while the 必威手机版Michigan Health Lab site is the hub for research and education 必威手机版news,and the 必威手机版Michigan Health Blog site provides clinical care 必威手机版news and practical information for patients,their loved ones and members of the public.

You can also find our embargoed research 必威手机版news content on必威手机版,if you are a reporter and agree to abide by their guidelines.

After business hours,and on weekend and holidays,we have a person on call for urgent matters -click here for contact information.

Our assistance and presence is required for any visits by members of the media to all Michian Medicine facilities,including hospitals,Medical School research buildings,outpatient health centers & office buildings,and the North Campus Research Complex.For more information on media access to U-M facilities,see our guidelines.

Regarding patients and the 必威手机版news media:Patients who will be interviewed,filmed or photographed within a 必威手机版Michigan Medicine facility MUST sign a release form,available from our department.A release form is also needed whenever a member of the 必威手机版Michigan Medicine faculty or staff will be discussing a particular patient or former patient with a member of the media,whether or not the patient is currently at a 必威手机版Michigan Medicine facility.

必威手机版News Archive

必威手机版Michigan Medicine 必威手机版news releases prior to January 2015 can be found in theUniversity of 必威手机版Michigan Health System archives.